Bo Hejlskov Elvén

Talks and lectures

I lecture on managing challenging behavior based on the low arousal approach. The lectures contain both theory and practice, aiming to give the listeners both practical methods and a theoretical base on which to develop their own methods.

I focus on staff and parent’s understanding of concepts like self-control, affect regulation and affect contagion in everyday life. The lectures are targeted towards staff working in care or educational settings with people with developmental disabilities such as ADHD, autism or intellectual disabilities, or staff in psychiatric settings, dementia care, correction facilities or addiction rehab. I am often hired by special schools, child services, residential facilities, daily life therapy facilities and psychiatric care units.

Se a 41 minute lecture from Autism Europe IX, 2016, in Edinburgh.

Lectures and courses are often between 3 and 6 hours, conference lectures of course shorter. I lecture in English, Danish or Swedish.

I also lecture on parenting, on developmental disabilities, ethics in care and educational settings and stress in developmental disabilities.

If you want to book lectures, please check my booking page.

Open lectures in English in 2020:

  • 11/10                       Cork, Ireland
  • 16/10                       Saskatoon, Canada      
  • 20/11                       Calgary, Canada