Bo Hejlskov Elvén


Please send booking requests to Booking requests from Sweden and Denmark: Please see my Swedish booking page.

I get very many requests and prioritize international and national conferences. Second priority are lectures for more than 500 people.

This means that I normally decline lecturing for 50 people. But try if you want, but be prepared that I might decline.

Terms and conditions

All lectures are booked in writing by e-mail. By booking you confirm the terms and conditions below. You will be invoiced my fee plus transport expenses after the lecture.

There must be a computer projector in the lecture hall, supporting either VGA or HDMI, complete with the needed cables. I use my own computer. I do not accept ClickShare or the like.
If a microphone is necessary it must be a headset or the like. I do not accept a hand held microphone.
I need at least 4 square meter/ 40 square feet (preferably a lot more) of floor space.

Sound and picture must be of professional quality. If that is not the case it might mean that the lecture will be cancelled o the spot, but still invoiced in full.

The terms and conditions are tough out of respect for the attendants. The lecture should be a positive experience if we want it to lead to positive change.

The arranging party get access to the computer file used in the lecture afterwards, in electronic form. The arranging party is free to share the file freely.

The arranging party is free to cancel the booking at any time, but if the lecture is cancelled later than 30 days before the lecture the transport expenses will be invoiced in full. If the lecture is cancelled later than 15 days before the lecture it will be invoiced in full. Bo Hejlskov Elvén have no right to cancel except in case of illness, which of course will mean that the arranging party will not be invoiced. Bo Hejlskov Elvén cannot in any way be responsible for economic loss the arranging party will suffer.


Please contact me by mail for prices.  They vary according to geographical location.