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Self control and challenging behaviour. 41 minute lecture from Autism IX, Edinburgh November 2016

Self control and challenging behaviour. 50 minute lecture from Autism West Midlands Interventions Conference November 2016

Files from lectures and talks

Challenging behaviour – a low arousal approach. CEAMID, Barcelona April 24, 2019

Low Arousal Approach. Rider 32, Ljungskile, July 2018

Self control and challenging behaviour. Nova Scotia April-May 2018

Sulky, Rowdy, Rude? From First European Summit on non-aversive interventions for at risk kids, Gothenburg November 2016

Self control and challenging behaviour. From Autism IX, Edinburgh November 2016

Auto-Control y Conductas Desafiantes. Panama 2017

Low arousal and self control. From Linwood School 2 Day Conference Mental Health and Autism, November 2016

Ethics in care and educational settings in past and future. From Autea Fachtagen, Bielefeld, june 2016

Kā tikt galā ar problēmizraisošu uzvedību 

Interviews and articles

Tools for supporting autistic people. Network Autism, 2017.

Interview from Jessica Kingsleys blog